Monday, October 26, 2015

Articles: Visual Arts

New Show of Portuguese Popular Art Takes Viewers from Heaven to Hell  15-05-14  (Vancouver Observer)

Artists shed new light on Enbridge, tar sands and environmental destruction  15-03-18 (Vancouver Observer)

Repression-proof artist, Franke James, celebrated by BCCLA  15-09-29 (Vancouver Observer)

Edward Burtynsky’s “Terrible Beauty” reveals distorted relationship between humans and nature  14-03-14  (Vancouver Observer)

Roselina Hung’s exuberant creativity comes alive in “Myth and Men”  14-06-24  (Vancouver Observer)

“Out of Sight” to be Kept in Mind: Exhibitions of New Acquisitions at the VAG  14-04-04  (Vancouver Observer)

Mark Boulos at the Belkin  10-10-26  (Vancouver Observer)

The Art Market website launches "for all Canadians" 10-11-14  (Vancouver Observer)

Vancovuer Art World Convenes at Audain, Viva and Balkind Awards15-04-19  (Vancouver Observer)

Visual Art Trailblazers honoured at the VIVA and Audain awards: Video  14-04-24  (Vancouver Observer)

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